Ahmad Alkhatib A

Ahmad Alkhatib

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

Good day Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you to express my interest in the civil site engineer  that you announced .

I do believe that i have the required base knowledge and experience to contribute to the development and progress of your company.

During my undergraduate studies i was one of the active students in my class.

I participated in many small projects and activities where i got the apportunity to enhance my teamwork and leadership skills.

One of the most interesting and relevant experience that i had was on my senior year.

I was working on a construction project of a building consists of 17 floors including seismic load and piles foundation .

My role in the project was to determine the loads on the foundation then perform the pile foundation calculations .

I do really appreciate that you dedicated some of your precious time reviewing my CV and Cover Letter, and am looking forward to hearing from you soon .


Ahmad Al-khatib


Bachelor of civil engineering from amman al-ahliyyah university 


-Aug 1st 2019 - NOV 15th 2019 worked at  al-rawda United for construction as site engineer for 3 months

-Nov 20 th 2019 - Jan 21 th 2020
Worked at AMG technical service LLC as a site engineer for 3 months in dubai

-Jun 1st 2020 - Dec 2nd 2020
Worked in Al-bait for contracting company in (Noor Al-mamlakah project) as a site engineer for 6 months in Jordan


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