Anas Almomani

Anas Almomani

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

I’m an looking for a new opportunity within a large or small operation. I have previous experience in Accounting for an industrial company. I have an experience in using an ERP system for analyzing and reporting on operating and capital expenditure, I prepared monthly and annual inventories and reports of sales and expenses. And I hope that my experience and my ability be suitable for the work you have in the job mentioned by you.


I have a Bachelor degree in Accounting since 2009 from Yarmouk University 


Implementation and monitoring of follow-up to all billing and collection efforts for balances over 30 days, including reimbursements and cash flow from private pay and third party accounts.

Monitoring the daily cash position.

• Prepare the monthly and annual inventories

• Preparing reports of sales and expenses

• Collection of debts and cheques

• Recommend to management any updates to accounting policies related to fixed assets

• Assign tag numbers to fixed assets

• Record fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions in the accounting system.

• Calculate depreciation for all fixed assets.

• Review and update the detailed schedule of fixed assets and accumulated depreciation.

Conduct periodic physical inventory counts of fixed assets.

• Review  supplier invoices related to a project.

• Review  time sheets for work related to a project.

• Review  overhead charges to be applied to a project.

• Review account totals related to project assets and expenses.

• Confer with receivables staff regarding unpaid contract billings.

• Perform departmental responsibilities such as monthly salaries

• project staff, processing of company invoices for project cost such as Home Depot, etc.

• Report on project profitability to management.

• Report to management on any opportunities for additional billings.

• Investigate all project expenses not billed to customers.

• Respond to requests for more detail from customers.

• Approve the write-off of any project-related billings that cannot be billed to or collected from customers.

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