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Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

Sana Ghalia , I hold a BA in Journalism & Mass communication from Yarmouk University and a Diploma in using drama in educational Context from Qattan Foundation. Worked in several programs related to Youth and girls ’ empowerment through Drama. Directed children theater plays with the ministry of Culture and directed one documentary film with the royal film commission.




Four years working in the field of Education created a cultural fit personality, independent thinker, strategist, decider, cautious person, multitasker individual, team player member, who managed to master self-control dealing with tight deadlines, adapting to changes on the go, and a constant need to re-evaluate the milestones and hire new employees. Assisting in developing programs of visiting artists, assisting other departments in implementing daily programs, applying multiple assessment tools and evaluation strategies, applying appropriate curriculum, applying effective workshop plans based on participants cultural background/needs, Budget planning of the activities, and observe professional code of ethics in regard to Trainees, Staff and the Community all in all have rooted in me the best Self-discipline possible.

Three years working in the field of Administration, spending the days ensuring clients satisfaction, providing professional customer support, handling large number of inbound/outbound calls, managing Engineers’ cases schedule, preparing memos, correspondence, building sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication with clients all over the globe, handling changes in policies or renewals, following a high standard communication procedures, guidelines and policies, all have created a self-consistent personality.

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