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haifa almohammad

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

I have a Ph.D. in technical geography in Jordan university from 2017, I`m a Technical Expert in GIS & RS applications with more than 10 years of experience in environmental research and training in technical GIS and Remote Sensing applications(urban, Hydrology, Site Suitability, Sanitation, Monitoring& changing detection approach, Extract indies, spatial analysis, Modeling, Reporting, Mapping, access to open-source data as (OSM)  and process it in multi software’s…
am a Creative-thinking individual interested in a GIS Specialist position that will utilize geospatial, technical, and programming knowledge.


1 - Ph.D. in technical geography in Jordan university, 2017,  excellent degree, technical research, training & teaching in University , Lecture in King Abdul Aziz University (KAU), Jeddah, Esri certificate, multi projects, and workshop.



Participated as a Geography Technical Researcher in the following activities: 
• Technical Researcher - GIS expert- in AL Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU) in environmental research (2018-2019).
• four projects supported by Jordan Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and FAO and GSOC implemented in NENA region in GIS and RS applications soil Mapping for Jordan in(2015-2018) produced  (1)Jordan Soil Organic Map (GSP), Soil Organic Carbon(SOC), (2)Digital Soil Mapping (DSM), (3) participation in WACAT Global network on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) project, (4) produce Salinity map from Jordan.

Research Assistant in Geography Department / Jordan University, &Teaching & training in GIS &RS Application in JU Labs (2008 -2011,2013-2017) 7 Y. 

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