Hussam Albtoush

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

I am Hussam Nayef Abed Rabbo Al-Hajouj, born in Karak, and I live now in Amman. I am 23 years old, and I studied at the secondary and university levels in Karak. I am looking for a vacancy with the title of Customer Service in English, Arabic or French. I managed to get some programs and training courses in customer service, both in theory and in practice.

My marital status is single and my nationality is Jordanian. I live now in the Wadi Al-Seer area in Amman. I want to achieve great success anywhere with courage and self-confidence.

I have skills in more fields:

Ø  Communication skills


§  Research Skills


-   Writing research findings in professional journals and books.


-   Writing skills for writing reports and publications.



§  Interaction Skills


-   Strong presentation and communication skills.


-    Excellent communication, writing skills in English, including the ability to successfully manage and deliver highly technical reports.

-   Energetic and high social personality.









§  Organizational/ managerial skills


-   Excellent organizational skills.


-   Experience in facilitating, chairing meetings and workshops.



§  Leadership and Management skills


-   Self‐motivated and able to work both independently and as part of an active team.


- Management experience: high leadership, problem solving, project management skills and strategic decision making.

-    Demonstrated experience in project management, implementation and staff supervision.


-   Excellent experience with international organization and projects.


-   Hard worker and able to perform under pressure.



§  Job-related skills / Computer skills


-   Computer skills (GIS, Word, Excel, Power point).

-   Computer skills (outlook, basic system).




Ø  Personal Skills


§  Mother tongue:

-   Arabic.


§  Other languages:


-   English.

-   French



Personal skills :

- Hard working
- Punctual
- Active
- Loyal to work

-Ability to work in groups

- Work under pressure

- Good Research Abilities

- Self Motivated

- Good communications with people




Formal skills


  • Ability to communicate correctly and clearly with all customers
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Good comprehension skills – ability to clearly understand and state the issues customers present
  • Ability to concentrate – follow customers issues without distraction to resolution
  • Good composition skills – ability to compose a grammatically correct, concise, and accurate written response
  • Work successfully in a team environment as well as independently

·        Effective problem solving skills including decision making, time management and immediate prioritization of tasks as assigned.




Interests :

- Reading books.
- Writing novels.
- Surfing the internet.

Drama, both acting and directing. Regular volunteer at a local center for the homeless.






Language & computer skills :

Language :


- Arabic : native

- English : fluent

- french : good




Computer skills :


- Microsoft excel : very good

- word : excellent

- Outlook : good


Ability to use a desktop computer system

Demonstrates an ability to successfully navigate websites

Demonstrates a proficient knowledge of email applications

Demonstrates an ability to learn in various media

Ability to successfully adapt to changes in the work environment





I studied English language and literature at Mutah University, at 2020 for three years . Holds a leadership training course, holds a French speaking certificate, holds an American social language conversation certificate from the American Institute, and is now taking courses in human resources management and customer service in English and Arabic, holds a certificate  In e-marketing. 


Ø  Working Experiences



·        Personal tutor for children .


·        Receptionist at Milton Hotel in Aqaba .


·        Translator or Interpreter English to Arabic in Tourist offices.


·        Certificate in TOT program from the Ministry of . working


·        Experience in call center in private company of sports.


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