Nadia Al-Kabariti N

Nadia Al-Kabariti

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

As a goal-oriented fresh graduate, I would love to apply my knowledge gained by volunteering and university studies in a workplace that will help me develop professionally. Eager and motivated to improve my skills in translation, content writing, media, and communication.


A double major bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English Languages and Literature. The degree focuses on both languages ​​from various aspects, such as linguistics and translation, professional writing, history, etc.


I am currently volunteering for Nahno platform and completed more than 85 hours of volunteering and attending workshops that help improve my interpersonal and professional skills. I also volunteered as a translator for the Arabic Content Club - The Hashemite University and as a humanitarian aid volunteer for the Circassian Charity Association.

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