nasher asaad

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

Name: Nasher Abdul hakim Nasher Assad

Age: 23 years

From: Yemen

Phone Number: 0796135447




I studied in Yemen Sana'a I finished the high School,, I  studied computer science in the the university of science and technology in Sana'a then i stopped we come to Jordan in 2015 I studied English languages in many centers in Sana'a,, i studied English language in the Helen center in Amman Jordan ,, I studied introduction into the cyber Security of the university of London  ((online learning))

I studied software Engineering in LTUC Amman Jordan ((First term)) currently I'm Studying software Engineering online learning


Work For The Life Makers Foundation (VOULNTEER).

-Work For ((UN)) For Refugees Sana’a-Yemen (VOULNTEER).

-Work For Supermarket (Cashier).

-Work For nahno-jo(VOULNTEER).

-Work For a parties company (Assistant).


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