Omar BaniK

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a fresh graduate of Mutah University, class of 2021. I studied Software Engineering. I applied for this major based on my passion and love for computer sciences, whether it be hardware, software, networks, or security. In addition, I took additional modules at Bradford University in the exchange students programme "Erasmus +". Follow my passion to compile a master degree in Data Science from the University of East London.


Master Degree in Data Science at the University of East London in the UK (2021- Current).

Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering at the Mutah University in Jordan (2017-2021).

Exchange Student Program at the University of Bradford in the UK in 2019.


  • Data Science Internship at Zain.
  • Upkey Summer Internship from Chicago University.
  • Nano-Degree Machine Learning Engineer from Amazon.

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