Osama Karajah

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am very ambitious person, self motivated and hard worker under pressure, and I have ways to improve my self confidence when working with customers. I have a good communication skills which are part of my study, can affect on others positively, I always believe that the teamwork is the best way to make the work easier and finish it as soon as possible so I always prefer that way in finishing works. I have the attitude to learn from others, Loyal to my job and like to develop it as much as I can , I always work hard and focus on increase my knowledge and to improve my skills and determine and my weakness and decrease it as much I can .


A recent financial and Banking graduate with a 3.04 honors degree from Al-Balqa ’a Applied University looking secure a Graduate accounting or  Banking  position or any position that be able to use and develop my communication skills    and my  knowledge about finance and banking  and also help me to  gain any  new skills and knowledge  can help me to improve my position and to be useful in my new job in future.
My eventual career goal is to assume responsibility for the implementation of all financial data and actively contribute to the overall success of any business I work for.



• Training on many accounting posses operations and financial accounting, SAP system for accounting data process ( 1 Oct.2019 – 31 Dec.2019).
• Practical training certificates in the field of accounting equivalent to one year of experience issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Labor  on QuickBooks program for accounting 
(Jan 2021 - April2021).

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