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Reema Masoud

Reema Masoud

A Communication Expert in the NGOs industry
Amman, محافظة عمّان


حول Reema Masoud:

A Communication expert with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization industry. Skilled in developing media campaigns and communication & visibility plans. I have wide experience in content creation (written, audio, and visual), developing online and offline media strategies, enhancing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as managing websites and social media networks.


Novemebr.2016­ - 2021: Euromed Feminist Initiative 

Position: Communications Coordinator 


  • Develop online media strategies that help the organization to achieve visibility and communication objectives.
  • Follow the donor’s guidelines in terms of communications and visibility (EU, SIDA, Kingdom of the Netherlands and the British Embassy of Baghdad)
  • Develop media plans including the content, strategy, budget, action plan and follow up. The media plans include billboards, videos, radio spots, tv segment, social media coverage, etc)
  • Website administration: keep the website calendar, news and publication sections updated, and upload pictures,videos, publications, statements, reports, recommendations and other documents when available in three languages (EN, AR and FR)
  • Create articles related to activities held by the organization or by its partners as well as articles related to our areas of work to keep people updated about latest news such as legislation and law amendments, women’s rights achievements or threats and obstacles facing women’s rights and human rights in the Euro- Mediterranean region. 
  • Write press releases, statements and position papers in English and Arabic. 
  • Communicate with IFE-EFI partners in (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia) in order to write about and publish their latest events, activities and statements.
  • Manage all social media channels and respond to all questions, concerns and other requests through community management on a daily basis.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share content on social sites to improve user engagement and drive action across all channels.
  • Use analytics tools such as (Facebook insights, twitter analytics and google analytics as well as other analytics tools and websites) to present meaningful insights and use them to monitor the website and the social media channels continually as well as to improve the visibility strategy.
  • Create narrative and performance reports for website,social media and newsletters.
  • Analyze the website traffic during current and past years, most visited pages and monitor sources referrals and mediums. 
  • Attend events and high level conferences organised by EFI. Live tweeting and posting during  these events, write press releases and articles after the event and publish them on SM channels and website.
  • Coordinate with vendors for website and printing services.
  • Coordinate and work closely with the Program Coordinators in the production of newsletters, briefs and articles.
  • Translate English <-> Arabic articles, reports, statements and any other documents.
  • Proofread documents.  
  • Develop brochures, flyers and leaflets
  • In some cases, write proposals for funds and committees participation.
  • Create and send newsletters to IFE-EFI’s contacts list quarterly. 
  • Create and update the contacts list continuously.
  • Develop and monitor the C&V action plan for activities and events for internal use and for the implementing partners.
  • Provide intensive training on visibility and media coverage to partners and colleagues ( guidelines, best practices, tools, reporting, etc.)
  • Develop solidarity campaigns strategy, plan,topic, budget,tools and methods. (Such as 16 days of activism campaign).
  • Represent the organisation in conferences and events.
  • Create and develop brochures and booklets for the organization's projects and programs.
  • Monitor the online performance of partners and give advices once needed.
  • Enhance & improve the website SEO, design and content.
  • Create plans and budget for Facebook promotion.
  • Manage creation, production, and dissemination of printed publications.
  • Create designs for social media content.
  • Help the logistics team in event management such as the creation of the practical information in Arabic and English, the creation of agenda in Arabic and English, send invitations, send and book flights for participants, communicate with vendors, follow up on the design of the printed materials and in some events, receive invoices or boarding passes and give participants their allowances or per diems.

October.2015­- August 2016: Apptrainers  

Position: Marketing & Sales Manager


  • Create sales and marketing plans that include segmentation, SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard, setting sales goals and targets, online marketing, digital marketing, social media activities and any other marketing or sales tools needed.
  • Create the website content and optimize it to be SEO friendly as well as checking the site's SEO score and improve it continuously.
  • Manage the social media channels of the company 
  • Create and follow up on advertisement campaigns: Facebook ads, instagram ads and any other advertisement campaigns
  • Lead and follow up on sales officers and make sure they achieve their targets.
  • Determine annual unit and gross­profit plans by implementing marketing strategies; analyzing trends and results.
  • Establish and adjust selling prices by monitoring costs, competition and demand.
  • Increase website presence and its rank by adding the website on bookmarking sites, directories and engage on forums and groups
  • Write technical and financial proposals to potential clients and follow up continuously
  • Identify marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements; defining market, competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Accomplish marketing and sales objectives by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating advertising.
  • Create bilingual articles
  • Create content and description for mobile applications
  • Follow up on email shots and monitor campaigns success
  • Prepare and oversee the company’s marketing budget.
  • Oversee creation and delivery of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • Gather and analyze customer insight.
  • Engage consumers on social media.
  • Manage all the marketing activities for the company within the marketing department.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives.
  • Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results.
  • Prepare online and print marketing campaigns.
  • Work closely with design department to design print ads and publications.
  • Develop and implement marketing plans and projects for new and existing products
  • Create content for new products and prepare pre and post launch campaigns
  • Monitor, review and report on all marketing activity and results
  • Determine and manage the marketing budget
  • Deliver marketing activity within agreed budget
  • Create marketing presentations
  • Research accounts and generate through sales leads
  • Establish, develop and maintain relationships with clients
  • Represent the company at trade exhibitions and events.
  • Research, develop and build strong and long term relationships with clients.

July.2014­ - Feb.2015: Ashya2 

Position: Marketing Manager


  • Create marketing plans that includes digital marketing, social media activities and any other marketing tools needed
  • Weekly and monthly marketing report
  • Assist the Managing Director in establishing pricing policies
  • Create the website content and make sure it’s SEO friendly
  • Upload and create friendly content of available services and products
  • Create accounts on social media channels and daily posting and tweeting
  • Create accounts on all google tools needed
  • Create and follow up on advertisement campaigns
  • Follow up on sales and customer service
  • Increase website presence on google by adding the website on bookmarking sites, directories and engage on forums and groups.
  • Daily monitoring website’s traffic amount and sources using google analytics
  • Using social media management tools to manage website’s channels as well as analysis

Jan.2013­- June.2014: Wysada 

Position: Social Media Manager


  • Preparing, planning and project managing the publication of all publicity material to maximize brand promotion.
  • Creating marketing campaigns and working with the company's external PR agency to see them executed.
  • Creating and developing new innovative ways to communicate the company message to their existing customers.
  • Contributing to the annual sales and marketing plan.
  • Planning and project managing marketing events and evaluating their success.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of all marketing activity.
  • Developing and implementing an internal marketing programs.
  • Plan, develop and deliver campaigns as agreed within timescales.
  • Responsible  on    the  social  media  platforms  such  as  facebook,  twitter, pinterest, youtube, instagram and google+.
  • Day to day posting on all social media channels, posts planning for two weeks ahead and scheduling them, looking for interactive content to increase the engagement rate on social media channels.
  • Day to day monitoring the social media channels insights.
  • The ability to use social media management tools such as sprout social for posting and scheduling, and twitter feed for tweeting the latest posts published on company blog.
  • Daily sales and marketing report.
  • Answering customer inquiries and questions.
  • Weekly and monthly social media reports




Bachelor Degree in Archaeology 

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