Yousef Othman

Amman, محافظة عمّان

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About me:

I am an individual who always strives to succeed. I want to grow myself and further my experience in my field. I like to think that I am a creative person with a unique outlook which led me to choose marketing. Marketing is a field that lets me explore myself and accelerate my mind in brainstorming and ideas. I am detail oriented, calm, and balanced in my work environment.   


My most recent education was for the last 6 years. I went to the US to pursue my dreams and to gain experience. I did my 11th, 12th grade, and 4 years of university in New Mexico, United States. I finished my bachelors with a 3.5 GPA in Marketing management. I've done lots of projects and gained different and unique experiences through my coursework which now made me ready to join the workforce in Jordan.


My professional experience has yet to start since I am a recent graduate. I've done a bunch of projects, marketing plans, and acquired certifications in order to gain some professional experience. I am looking to start working somewhere that can help me gain this experience and to also help this company to achieve its goals. 

What kind of projects is Yousef Othman looking for?

Marketing specialist, Social media marketer

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