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The paradox of Breathing Assumptions

Ali Anani · It amazes me the life lessons we learn from nature. One great lesson is our tendency to “breathe assumptions”. I know this title shall confuse the reader; yet it is a habit that we keep repeating. If you are patient enough to read the rest of this post for one or two more minutes ...

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Homogenization of Opinions

Ali Anani · A glorious comment by CityVP · Manjit on my previous buzz titled “Divorcing a wife who isn’t” suggested “McLuhan meant that the world is homogenizing and losing its diversity, that as we fly from city to city, the world is becoming just one extended global village”. Homogenizatio ...

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Why Not Move in a Straight Line?

Ali Anani · Moving in a straight line may be the shortest path, but not necessarily the fastest and most-rewarding path. We tend to draw opposites on straight lines and not in an arc form, to give one example. This idea crystallized in my mind upon reading the comment of CityVP · Manjit on m ...

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The Paradox of Love

Ali Anani · The title is a simple one for a complex issue. The paradox of love is a form of nested paradoxes. A comment by CityVP Manjit on my previous buzz. In his comment he wrote “Extreme love is great but only a few people are capable of extreme love for the rest of us we mostly live in ...

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We are to what we dissociate and associate

Ali Anani · Some comments are truly mind-boggling. In his comment #39 on my previous buzz CityVP · Manjit wrote “Now knowing that water is a major part of my constitution, I prefer changing a part of that metaphor to ions. So we have positive and negative ions. That takes me away from sun me ...

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The Conflict Animals

Ali Anani · Xmas is approaching and it is about time to turn conflicts into peace. This is easier said than done. However; the cost of conflict may reach an explosion point and nobody benefits. Conflicts are of different types. How can we fuse the possible explosion of a conflict? I see each ...

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Lust and Love

Ali Anani · The idea of this buzz resulted from the exchange of messages I had recently with CityVP   Manjit. Manjit made great comments on my previous buzz and so I sent him a thanking message. In the message I wrote “In reading your comments on my buzz and find their thoroughness I feel li ...

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The Ripples from Ideas Pebbles

Ali Anani · I was in the process of writing this buzz with another direction till the disruptive thinker CityVP Manjit published a buzz. Reading Manjit's buzzes and comments are always like to cause a disturbing effect to the mind. Disturbance may lead to the emerging of new possibilities, i ...

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Nuggets of Wisdom/ Part 2

Ali Anani · Writing a buzz of value is a challenge. More challenging is writing a buzz that would invite for illuminating comments. I have been fortunate to have so many valuable comments on my buzzes that are worthy of lasting quality. I extract some nuggets of wisdom from these comments to ...

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The Forgotten Chemistry of Management

Ali Anani · What do I mean by the title? Don't worry as I shall be giving few examples below for your consideration. My exchange of comments on sugar solutions with the brainy CityVP Manjit resulted in a detour leading to the writing of this buzz. I know Manjit is writing few buzzes on sugar ...

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Small Today, Significant Tomorrow

Ali Anani · It is very unfortunate that we tend to associate the butterfly effect mostly to weather. Humans are affected equally with the butterfly effect. Managers and leaders need to grasp the extensibility of this effect to the human domain. This buzz is an effort in this direction. · Fa ...

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Dancing for What?

Ali Anani · One of the most fascinating dances to watch is that of bees waggle dance. This is not a dance for joy only; it is far more to invite other bees to join in a new hive location or nectar source. It is a way of communication. We dance for joy. We humans dance for fitness, expression ...

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