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My name is Iyad Alzoubi from Jordan,47 years old, retired from police after 30 years of service with a high rank officer (General).i have the master degree in Management, Diploma in Security and B.H in Sociology. speak English, French and Arabic. I was a director of many Police Directorates control more than 2000 people for along times  I worked 4 years with UN as  Security expert in deferent countries. looking for join your team  if is it possible please.

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-Master degree in Management.

-B.H in  Criminal Sociology.

Diploma of Security.


-29 years' work at Jordan Police 1991-18 January 2021 in deferent positions as a leader, I was senior officer (brigadier general) and just been put on retired.

-Chef of Operation Jordan Police for many years as a senior officer with a high rank (brigadier General).

-Security Supervisor with UN Mission in Congo 2006.

-Head of Investigation and human rights Unit in Un mission in Bosnia 2001.

-General Director of Refugees Directorate in Jordan 2019.

-Director of Prison for Radicalism Inmates for many years (prison service of Jordan.

-Correction and rehabilitation expert with UN in Darfur RoL Section for 2 years in 2012.

Head of Family Protection Unit (child abuse and sexual offences) in PSD Jordan. -

-Investigation-public relations-refugees Directorate-Prisons-project Management-Border-Director of police- director of prison….

-I worked with United Nations four times in deferent countries like Bosnia in 1999, Congo in 2006, Chad in 2009, and in Darfur in 2013 DPKO.

-I participated in a workshop in Japan with JICA in 2018 for 45 days related to deal with refugees.

-I participated in a workshop in ITALY 2016 in COSPEO for 30 days related to leadership skills.

-I am familiar to deal with UN organizations and NGOs and how to coordinate with them for project management and enlist support for refuges.

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Security Manager

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