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Motaz Olimat

Motaz Olimat

Field coordination \ Field management
Mafraq, محافظة المفرق


حول Motaz Olimat:

Creative and innovative coordinator with 10 years of experience developing successful Projects and field management for enumerators, field officers in the field - Jordan and Syria . 

Expert in planning and executing direct and remote data collection projects and train of trainer.


Field coordinator , Proximity international , Amman , Jordan  
Feb- 2022- Dec 2022

  • Support the FNM in the identification, development, and management of all of ART’s dedicated field personnel, including both full time field staff and surge support roster.
  • Support FNM in coordinating and determining data collection schedules.
  • Support the FNM and security team in arranging for and securing field access permissions.
  • Maintain daily field deployment logs; catalogue any field-based incidents.
  • Carry out regular field-related administrative tasks, such as filling out timesheets, arranging field expense reports, and other tasks related to documentation of field activities.
  • Ensure proper handling and movement of any project monitoring, assessment, and survey files.
  • Report field-based issues with efficiency, staff behavior, community relations, etc, to line managers and technical leads.
  • Ensure that field staff are properly handling data and data entry protocol.
  • Support field team data quality inspections or investigations, as necessary.
  • Coordinate day-to-day activities related to ART field work including communication with partners, organizing necessary pre-field deployment information, vetting of new field staff, assigning field teams, reviewing security considerations, etc.
  • Assign field teams for data collection activities
  • Ensure that field tasks are proceeding in line with technical instructions, especially as related to sampling strategies, schedules and in a context-sensitive manner.
  • Assist in conducting field team training, including introductory MEL training, activity-specific training, mobile technology use training, conflict sensitivity training, etc
  • Manage all field team members while deployed; coordinate and follow up with the Field Monitors on daily basis / as often as needed.
  • Support technical teams (Third Party Monitor team / research and assessment team / information management team) in seeking data clarifications from field-based teams and researchers.

Field Manager , REACH initiative , Amman , Jordan 
Mar 2013 - November 2021


  • According to project work plan, supervising Field officers, Project assistants and data collectors (Enumerators) in their daily activities to ensure the efficient implementation of activities.
  • Creating a weekly work plan for Field officers, Project assistants and enumerators in the field and at the base and providing a weekly report to management in the form requested.
  • Checking the activities for the following week, following up with any additional planning of activities.
  • Managing REACH network of enumerators in south – North of Syria and responsible of finding new enumerator candidates, collect CVs remotely from the field inside Syria and to hire enumerators following company hiring procedures
  • Ensuring security procedures are implemented and coordinating with Assessment Manager on a daily basis on security issues.
  • Supporting the update of Key Informant data base and other data entry as needed and supporting enumerators to expand and improve their network of KIs inside Syria.
  • Ensuring that the Field officers, Project assistants and enumerators complete HR documents such as vacation requests in time, and complete the daily attendance sheets.
  • Supervising the training of new Project Assistants and field officer
  • Suggesting and discussing assessments such as RNAs with the assessment team and provide them with the needed information about the methodology and tool creation and development in addition to data collection work plans

. Monitoring the data collection in Syria and check it is collected with quality (for example, interview technique, methodology of assessment is followed).


  • Monitor and communicate on the humanitarian situation in Syria, including suggestions for expanding the coverage.
  •  Directly collecting data when needed with the team of field officers Project Assistants and Enumerators.


  •  Develop and sustain relationships with local departments, members of civil society, NGOs and other members of the community throughout Syria.


  •  Reporting any security incidents happened to the base in Jordan and with Enumerators inside Syria as soon as possible to the Country focal point/Security officers. And updating safety and security routes and Maps to insure the enumerator’s movement in Syria for REACH activities are as safe as possible.


  •  Providing additional support as required relating to the implementation of activities.


  •  Participating in setting the timeline for the week activities and the methodology of data collection and analysis.
  • Managing Field Coordinators based in REACH Za’atari, as well as other bases as required, which includes the supervision of activities, and supervising and supporting their planning of activities.
  • Closely liaising with AOs and the AM on the daily planning and implementation of projects, and proactively enabling a shared understanding of the projects among national and expat staff.
  • Develop training schedules and work plans for the implementation of assessments, and contribute to the development of tools, methodologies, the development of SoP, as well as training manuals.
  • Developing the capacity of the field teams (through the field coordinators) regarding data collection quality and provide training regarding methodology.
  • Responsible for logging/reporting on activities as well as documenting data collection and lessons learned.
  • Updating social media and news updates about Syria crisis. 
  • Supervising the collection of statistics relating to refugees; overseeing the collection methodology and initial organisation of the collected data.
  • In conjunction with the Assessment Officer, liaise with the FLATS Officer on matters relating to logistics, equipment and HR planning.
  • Liaise with the GIS Officer providing information as required relating to GIS activities and REACH information products.
  • Supporting the project and team members providing context to any ongoing assessments (project contextualization).
  • Responsible for communication with the database team in order to create/update/deploy questionnaires.
  • Responsible for testing and developing data collection tools and coordinate tool tests with enumerators inside Syria.
  • Responsible on any of partner trainings needed in all type of projects.
  • Training of trainers to be able in explaining any tool requested from management side.
  • Preparing clear evacuation plans for the employees inside (the field inside Syria / Za'atari camp).
  • Responsible on contacting with remittances offices (Hawala Offices) to insure that all of the remittances operations done as required.
  • Responsible for training newly hired international staff about the context of Syria, project cycle, enumerators, and data collection processes.




Bachelor's degree in primary education ,Al Albayt university , Mafraq , Jordan 

July2006 – July 2010

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