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Dancing Senses

Dancing SensesCRD
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Humans are dancing bodies- molecules in their bodies dance. The cells in their bodies dance. The molecules making up the cells dance. The atoms forming the molecules dance. The particles forming the atoms such as electrons dance. Dancing is on all scales. We are fractal dancers.

Birds dance. Animals dance. Microorganisms dance. Slime molds dance. In water and on land we are all dancers. Our emotions dance in wave fractals. We see the dancing wavy fractals in the stock markets which reveal the emotions of the investors.

Do our senses dance as well? Recent studies show that our dance is linked to the music we listen to and even affect our spiritual levels. Yu may want to watch this video to get more information.

We are discovering new positions through the dance and although we practice again and again, each performance on stage is never exactly the same. We are a fluid process and not finished products. You may see proof of this in the DancingRoom Spectroscopy (ds). The ds technology works by using a set of 3-D imaging cameras that communicate with a custom-built high-performance computer to interpret people as energy fields. The computer embeds people's fields in an atomic physics simulation, with the net result that they can use their fields to steer the simulation. The result is graphics and sound, both of which are generated in real-time response to human movement. The computer performs real-time analysis of how the simulated atoms vibrate; as participants move, they change the atomic vibrations and generate different sounds.

DanceRoom Spectroscopy use three dimensional imaging cameras suspended above a dance floor to track movements in the room, much as if the heads of the participants were making ripples and waves on the surface of a pool of water. Using special techniques, the patterns of these ripples and waves in the rotating crowd will be transformed to frequency spectra, which will then be fed into music software that the electronic artist can translate into beats and sounds - thus generating music from movement and feeding that music back to the crowd.

Whether we are dancing for joy or fear we shall create ripples that eventually shall feedback on us and affect our movement in life.

The invisible world is dynamic. Electrons dance. Slime molds dance. Our senses are apparently too in constant dance.

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Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #30

Thank you and eagerly awaiting your future buzz Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.

@Magdalena-Maria GROSU started a discussion thread on this buzz on LI

The buzz that you wrote today and linking to this buzz is more than enough for me to feel the sincerity of your words. I rarely share a buzz more than platform, but I shared your buzz o three platforms and to my followers because it is a great buzz. i invite readers of this buzz to read to the very sound buzz of Sara in the link below: I plan to respond to your buzz in my next buzz and also elaborate more on this great comment of yours. I say that you are spot on with your comment and I shall share some proofs of its soundness.

Dear Sara Jacobovici- I feel from your words the degree with which you like abuzz of mine. This time I felt the warmth more than ever before. As this buzz proved to be a challenge to write, I assure you your comments relieved me more than you can imagine. I say thank you.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #26

Thank you, lovely Sara Jacobovici! I try and read the responses - usually after I've commented as I can't be trusted: a huge Scotsman in a group I was talking with once had such a strong accent, I inadvertently picked it up his accent (a natural mimic) until he got a bit miffed and said, 'R ya taakin the pis'?

Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #25

Dear Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, I trust that you will not see the cliches but know of my sincerity when I say that, first, I am truly moved, emotionally and physically, by your buzz and, second, that your buzz has left me with thoughts literally moving about my head in a whirl!! I not only read your buzz but the great discussion it inspires. So I have been reading and following the links and videos and have a list of thoughts that I will add to the questions you posed in a comment in another buzz, pull it all together and see what comes out. In the meantime, I just want to add one thing that I was attaching to your ideas while I was reading and that is the concept of memory, as in cellular memory. At that level, the memory can only come from movement and so it must be with human memory. As you point out, we are made up of cells, everything moves and so memory occurs. We have discussed the concept; where there is life, there is movement, in past buzzes. I think this buzz, Dr. Ali, reinforces that concept perfectly.

Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #24

I do read the comments of the readers of an Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee as it never ceases to amaze me how Dr. Ali's work inspires some of the best insights into the discussion. And it is because I do get to read the comments, I was able to read yours. It definitely resonates with me. Thank you.

You too my dear friend Tricia Mitchell and I hope you shall find your dancing "sweet spot".

I am delightful that you are a fractal dancer dear Tricia Mitchell. Your comprehension and linking of the ideas of the buzz is truly admirable. Thank you for making my night joyful.

Thank you for your dancing cat metaphor. I shall explore it Jerry Fletcher. Truly, whatever new idea we may have somebody else must have thought about it. The difference is in experimenting this idea. Great and mind-provoking comment, indeed.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #20

Ali, This intriguing post and video reminds me of a science fiction plot where quantum physics are made visible in our classic physics world. What if we could "see" Schrodinger's cat across the full spectrum of probabilities? I suspect it would be dancing.

Your opinion always weighs heavily my dear friend . I am so relaxed that you like the buzz and selected the line that carries the theme of the buzz. Thank You

You are very correct CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit. If you would review the lengthy research video in the buzz (the linked one as I couldn't embed it in the buzz) you shall find that the type of dance affects differently the spiritual souls. This research by the way is done by Indian reserches in which they used thermo scanning to study the effect of type of dance on the dancers' spiritual state. Not all dances are the same. When we affect the energy field of the earth by polluting it it shall in turn affect ours and we may end up dancing madly and deprived of human spirit.

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #17

A nations wealth does not equate with the dance of life if that nation fracks the earth, sends chemical pollutants into the water system, emits damaging gases into the atmosphere, creates weapons for profit that enable destabilized regions, cuts down forests without thought of recycling, reducing the variety of seeds in favour of for-profit seeding, ignores soil nutrition in favour of volume, uses fear and hate as principle instruments of control, controls its working population with the drug of superficial entertainment, engages hypocrisy of laws against corruption while creating national debt as the 1% get richer, and do I have to go on and on about what can potentially get in the way of the dance of life. The dance of life is for the beautiful souls in the world and there are beautiful souls and these beautiful souls are imprisoned in a really ugly and soul-sucking system - a system that is in need of the dance of life - a dance that takes time to form and then to live unencumbered by human foolishness and short-term thinkers - and when a nations wealth equates with the dance of life, we will all surely know it because there would be no questioning about the dance of life, for it will be as natural as air and not polluted air.

Basically, we should trust our senses Deb\ud83d\udc1d Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee. However; we have a proof to trust our senses even more when we see the invisible. The combination of senses such as seeing and hearing even serve our trust more. So, at least there is proof you are right in trusting your senses and calling others to do the same.

I do appreciate your comment Harvey Lloyd. In particular "The first part of the dance is a little anxious as each determines boundaries. Once found the skills of each get tested to find equilibrium. If these two areas are found neutral to both then, the dance continues. This is the point where the magic happens". This is established by the DanceRoom Spectroscopy lab watchen dancers. The pioneer f this technology is Bristol University/ Chemistry Department. The movement of the dancers is translated into signals to a musical instrument which adjust the music in harmony with the feedback it gets from the dancers. Like we watch molecules dancing, this way we may watch people as dancing molecules.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #14

Dancing is interesting to observe. I am not a dancer myself as i look like my taser is malfunctioning in my pocket and sending intermidant shocks to my feet. The synchronicity that happens within dance though is awesome to watch. Whether molecules or people. I have observed two people who dont know each other have a first dance and observed how the flow becomes fluid after only a few moments. The first part of the dance is a little anxious as each determines boundaries. Once found the skills of each get tested to find equilibrium. If these two areas are found neutral to both then, the dance continues. This is the point where the magic happens. Once this bond/trust has been established each will attempt new moves or actions that are outside of their comfort zones. In nature this happens automagically, in humans there is always the self awareness that must be served within the first steps. These steps are the steps where limiting beliefs or courage are displayed. Thanks for the tag.

This particular time I invite dears Sara Jacobovici to enrich these discussions.

Thank you dear debasish majumder. You made my pendulum dance with joy. Yes, we can expand on this buzz at length if we discuss each type of dance we see in nature. Dancing is meaningful and serves a purpose. Electrons dance, atoms dance and tree leaves dance. It would be interesting to reveal the meaning of each one of them. We dance for joy and in this we express what we feel inside. SOmetimes we dance alone like the electron of hydrogen, but that dance is always looking for a partner. SIngle ideas in our heads may be too looking for another idea to couple with. They don't tango alone. The waves dance and whether they are aware of it or not their movement gives life meaning and beautify it as you did with your "dancing comment".

'Something touched me deep inside:The day the music died'- I am so moved by this quote dear Lisa Vanderburg. It deserves highlighting. We talk about death of geography, of distance, boundaries and time. This time it is the death of dance which is real death.Dancing means life and the death of dancing is the death of life. You shine with your examples. Dancing is a movement with rhyme. If dancing goes chaotic life goes too. Dancing is a language as the waggling bees do. Dancing is expression of self especially when coupled with music (realizing both feedback each other as demonstrated by the DanceRoom Spectroscopy, give clues of what life we are leading. Thank you Lisa for opening new dimensions for this continuing dialogue.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #10

Oh, so remarkable my friend, Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee! It's almost uncanny how enthralling this buzz is! Before I continue, I going to break my own rules and read the prior responses for a change! S o many insightful comments; ALL senses engaged by the most intuitive...more to come, I'm sure! We are not designed for status; it slowly ebbs at our life's tide, and it makes me realize what I miss; music & prancing about! Whether it be a gentle sway of sea-grass or the pounding storms defied by a mighty oak, rhythm is proof-of-life. Even the pulse of our cerebral-spinal fluid has a unique beat - quite separate from our heart or blood-pressure. A baby's heart-beat, so fast within the womb; miraculous! You have very timely, reminded me of something I lost; rather like the song 'American Pie by Don McLean 'Something touched me deep inside:The day the music died'

Thank you dear Lisa Vanderburg and it is so nice to read your comments again. May be a tango would do.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #8

Just a delightful, insightful ballet - thank you, Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee!

I consider your comment as a crown on this buzz dear CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit. It is so rich and forward-looking. I was about to embed too many video to show how all living systems dance to a music, but then the buzz would have become sizeable. The remarkable segment of your comment is "The irony is that dance and music also sit at the core of growth as human beings from the earliest to the current". I wonder if nation's wealth is linked to their involvement in dancing for life. This is nature and we follow nature by following the dance as a thorough means of communication.

I am not surprised at all that you Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador picked in her comment. I must say I love the wrote in your comment by Maya Angelou "Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.". This is the main theme of this buzz. Technology has allowed us to open new frontiers and see life as a big dance. We change the dance as we go in life. I do appreciate greatly your comment.

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #5

It is the few rather than the many in our so called advanced culture who have the patience to celebrate physical dance and so it is I shall celebrate them that so celebrate. If the world is filled with people who do not appreciate dance I did not create that world so it is no business of mine if people disregard this form of appreciation. The irony is that dance and music also sit at the core of growth as human beings from the earliest to the current. With our technologies and science we are indeed capable of going even further by reaching into our sensory world and so again I celebrate those who see the beauty in this. It is in that few that a marvelous future cogitates. There is so much depth, intrigue, insight, ways of seeing, profundity and wonder in this, do I want to spend a minute of my life with people who don't want to see this, because I can't ask those people a fundamental question "What do you see?". The answer nothing does not move my own life forward, it only tells me that the desire in many not to discover this is greater than the desire to explore. So it is I welcome all the explorers, this is truly one of things we call the road less travel led.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, this isn't the first time I have used this quote by Maya Angelou but it seems to be applicable to your buzz β€œEverything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances." I find this statement particularly interesting- "Whether we are dancing for joy or fear we shall create ripples that eventually shall feedback on us and affect our movement in life." I feel this statement should be heeded and sends a powerful message. We should seriously think about our actions before we implement them.

I hope you dance for joy of writing a great buzz on your travels while in the airport transit room Paul Walters

Paul Walters

4 years ago #2

Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Even in my 'crippled state' replete with moon boot after reading this I feel like dancing

One main reason that urged to me write this buzz is what you extracted fro it Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich. I love your "dancing sense"

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