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  • Luck and Choice

    people has a wide choices in all areas of life, but some people choose what is bad and then they say that they have a bad luck. And luck is ...

    11 months ago · 1 min. reading time · 0 comments · 1 like

  • What are Key Factors Fueling EU Point-of-Care Ultrasound Device Market Boom in Germany?

    The European Union (EU) point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS) device market is predicted to generate a revenue of $230.9 million by 2024. Further ...

    1 year ago · 1 min. reading time · 0 comments · 0 likes

  • Simple Laws with Counter Effects

    If your care for your family life, performance at work and healthy living then this post may interest you. · Simplify is a good thing. Is ...

    2 years ago · 3 min. reading time · 61 comments · 3 likes

  • Rotten Roots Lead to Rotten Actions

    Light and darkness co-exist anywhere and at any time. They exist in our bodies. The shadow is mostly dark and the ego is light as it is the ...

    2 years ago · 3 min. reading time · 88 comments · 2 likes

  • Circular Teams

    It is amazing how ideas emerge! I was researching for the different plant metaphors that people suggested for growth such as “Toyota is like ...

    2 years ago · 5 min. reading time · 44 comments · 1 like

  • Emerging Human Values

    My previous post “Are Ideas Measurable?” generated hugely-important discussions that resulted in the planting of the seeds of ideas. My mind ...

    2 years ago · 3 min. reading time · 53 comments · 1 like

  • Are Ideas Measurable?

    Last week I exchanged comments on the title of my post “Ideas Stock Markets”. The discussions centered around how could eye place ideas for ...

    2 years ago · 3 min. reading time · 51 comments · 1 like

  • Rings of Experience

    A better description of the unknown-unknown quadrant in the Johari Window came to my mind upon observing the concentric bubbles of water in ...

    2 years ago · 3 min. reading time · 77 comments · 1 like

  • Ideas Stock Markets- why investors, authors and readers behave similarly?

    Is trading ideas in meetings similar to trading stocks in stock markets? · Can the stock markets be the metaphor for “trading ideas” in-gr ...

    2 years ago · 5 min. reading time · 104 comments · 4 likes

  • My e-book: Collection of Creative Ideas

    Creativity is like scattered light going in different directions first to explore and observe in search of new ideas. Like scattered light t ...

    2 years ago · 2 min. reading time · 42 comments · 0 likes

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